Semalt Expert Explains How To Leverage Social Media For Email Marketing

In every online business, staying in touch with customers is a marketing gold mine. Almost all companies run SEO, some brands raise awareness by conducting email marketing or social media campaign. Email marketing helps digital marketers to reach their clients and potential customers. Social media is a powerful platform that can enhance email marketing very fast. Social media helps brands to establish an online presence in the pool where most readers of your online content reach.

In this article, Julia Vashneva, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, has compiled a list of different ways you can use some of the trending social media sites to build your email list.

Standard Social media necessities.

When using social media, you will need two main things for almost all the websites:

  1. A Lead Magnet. This is a free offer that baits a consumer to get a free sample of your product, e.g., a free eBook, newsletter or video. Use an ideal email subscriber to make a free lead magnet that will capture the target in your niche. If you have more than one freebie, do not clog your social media page. Instead, add them to an area on your websites like the Resources section or Learning Centre.
  2. A Squeeze Page. This is where a customer will land on your site upon clicking. It should collect a little information about the client but not more than two names, purpose, and email. Too many questions will scare away visitors.

How to use common social media platforms in collecting emails.

  1. Facebook.
  • Custom tabs are available on Facebook. Using SEO automation tools like Woobox Static HTML, you can tailor-make your own lead magnet squeeze page.
  • Product description. You can place it on one of the pages or at the description place on your page. Share URLs of your lead magnet here. The description is limited to 160 characters and ensures that lead magnet URL is free from other clickable tabs.
  • Facebook Page Call-to-Action Button. You can use the sign-up button on the add buttons menu. Link it to your squeeze page or landing page of your content. Using a cover photo that promotes your call to action is a pro tip.
  • Facebook advertising. This a very resourceful field for getting your audience. You can customize interests, demographics, age, and location to make more targeted advertising.
  • Facebook Page Cover Photo. This can include your lead magnet. You can also attach a link to the cover photo.
  1. Twitter.
  • Twitter Bio and URL. Use the description panel to promote your lead magnet. In the URL section, use your website squeeze page or lead link. This link will even shop up in query search results. Avoid hashtags, @username handles and other clickable material expect your squeeze page URL to make it more efficient.
  • Use ‘Twitter Lead Generation Card’ feature. You can collect emails directly with this feature. It is in the ads section.
  • Twitter software. For example, SalesForce. This will guide you to make leads. You can also download email lists from Twitter’s ‘Download Leads’ icon and use the email lists collected on your marketing strategy. Also, mind that Twitter supports advertising just like Facebook.

Social media can help you build a mail list from your clients. Using the above tips, one can benefit from the various opportunities that social media present such as emails, backlinks, and call to action button areas. LinkedIn and Pinterest also function like Twitter and Facebook.