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    Model: Nylon cable zip tie
    Nylon cable zip tie, also known as a wire tie, hose tie, zap strap or zip tie, is a type of fastener, for holding items together, primarily electrical cables or wires. Because of their low cost and ease of use, cable ties are ubiquitous, finding use in a wide range of other applications.
    We have most specifications on current market. So you can get any length, width you want.
    Material:Nylon 66
    Color:Natural(or white,standard color),UV black and other colors are available as requested.
    Marking example

    Nylon Cable Tie Specification
    Please find the right cable tie specification you need and tell us.
    Specification (mm)Pieces of one bag (PCS)
    2.5 x 60mm1000
    2.5 x 80mm1000
    2.5 x 100mm1000
    2.5 x 120mm1000
    2.5 x 150mm1000
    2.5 x 160mm1000
    2.5 x 200mm500
    3.6 x 100mm500
    3.6 x 120mm500
    3.6 x 150mm500
    3.6 x 180mm500
    3.6 x 200mm500
    3.6 x 250mm250
    3.6 x 300mm250
    3.6 x 350mm250
    4.5 x 100mm500
    4.5 x 120mm500
    4.5 x 150mm250
    4.5 x 160mm250
    4.5 x 180mm500
    4.8 x 200mm500
    4.8 x 250mm250
    4.8 x 300mm250
    4.8 x 350mm250
    4.8 x 380mm250
    4.8 x 400mm250
    4.8 x 450mm250
    4.8 x 500mm250
    4.8 x 550mm250
    4.8 x 650mm250
    5.8 x 150mm250
    5.8 x 200mm250
    5.8 x 250mm250
    5.8 x 300mm250
    5.8 x 350mm250
    5.8 x 400mm100
    5.8 x 450mm100
    5.8 x 500mm100
    5.8 x 970mm250
    7.2 x 150mm100
    7.2 x 200mm100
    7.2 x 250mm100
    7.2 x 300mm100
    7.2 x 350mm100
    7.2 x 400mm100
    7.2 x 450mm100
    7.2 x 500mm100
    7.6 x 200mm100
    7.6 x 250mm100
    7.6 x 300mm100
    7.6 x 350mm100
    7.6 x 380mm100
    7.6 x 400mm100
    7.6 x 450mm100
    7.6 x 500mm100
    7.6 x 550mm100
    7.8 x 650mm100
    7.8 x 700mm100
    7.8 x 750mm100
    9.0 x 400mm100
    9.0 x 450mm100
    9.0 x 500mm100
    9.0 x 550mm100
    9.0 x 600mm100
    9.0 x 650mm100
    9.0 x 720mm100
    9.0 x 760mm100
    9.0 x 800mm100
    9.0 x 850mm100
    9.0 x 900mm100
    9.0 x 1000mm100
    9.0 x 1200mm100
    9.0 x 1500mm50
    12 x 300mm100
    12 x 600mm100
    12 x 650mm100
    12 x 900mm100

    Why Choose Us?
    Our company is specializing in the production of various kinds of security seals: high security bolt seals,
    cable seals, plastic seals, meter seals, metal strap seals and barrier seals, etc.
    LionsSeal produce various kinds of security seals, various types, shapes and sizes of the seals,
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    5.Timely Delivery No matter how small or big your order is, timely delivery is our long-term goal!
    6.Special Customized At the same time, we provide customizing service, if all of our products cannot meet your requests,
    we also can specially customize the products for you as per your samples, drawings, etc.
    Our service
    1)Any inquires will be replied in within 24 hours.
    2) Samples production and delivery service can be provided.
    3) OEM/ODM is available.
    4) All products have been strictly quality test in our factory before packingNylon Cable Tie