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    Granite wall cladding aluminium composite panel is produced in patterns that imitate wood. They have superior fire proof property with long life and exceptional surface flatness. Besides their good weather resistance, they are light weight and easy to maintain. The colors of the wall panels can also be customized.
    Technical Specification and parameters:
    Panel Thickness: 3mm ( 0.12”),4mm ( 0.16”),5mm ( 0.2”),6mm ( 0.24”)
    Aluminum Skin Thickness: 0.3mm (0.012”) to 0.5mm (0.02”)
    Surface Coating; PVDF coating
    Panel Width Available: Width: 850mm to 2000mm,( 34” to 80” )
    Panel Length Available:Panel length as required, max 5800 mm.
    Standard Panel Width: 1220 mm (48.8”), 1250 mm (50”), 1500 mm (60”), 2000 mm (80”)
    Recommended dimension:1220mm (48”)*2440mm(96”)*4mm ( 0.16”)*0.5mm (0.2”)
    1500mm (59”)*3050mm(120”)*4mm ( 0.16”)*0.5mm (0.2”)
    Dimensional Tolerance
    Product Features:
    1Super Peeling Strength With imported high-molecular film and international high-tech compound and heat treating,our ACP is with high peeling-strength.
    2Durability ACP with PVDF and PE coating is extremely good for the weathering resistance, acidity,
    alkaline resistance,thermal insulation and damping.
    The core is made of anti-flame materials,processed and extruded under high temperature,which stick to ACP with excellent fireproof function.
    4Impact Resistance The aluminum is tough, the core PE panel is flexible, therefore the panel has high impact resistance.
    5Easy ProcessionIt is easy to be cut,bent,folded,arched and shaped with strong flexibility.
    6Noise absorptiveThe PE core material absorbs noise.
    1) Widely used for decoration of airport, bus station, metro station, wharf, department store, hotel, casino, high-class residence, villa, office building, etc., such as interior and exterior walls, building facade, windows, balcony, signboard, ceilings, cladding of columns.
    2)Large-scale billboard, showcase, kiosk, phone booth, traffic post, gas station interior wall, partition, kitchen, bathroom, shop decoration, interior layers, cabinets, furniture, train, vessel, compartments, etc. buy Special Aluminium Composite Panel